Leo Parrill


Leo is a highly proficient content marketing manager, writer, editor, and producer with years of experience in the PC hardware, technology, and gaming industry.

He recently helped develop and implement Intel’s Gaming Hub, a successful mid-funnel initiative designed to educate customers during the research phase of the shopper journey. Previously worked with multi-billion-dollar retailer Newegg to implement digital marketing strategies for companies like AMD, Microsoft, and ASUS among others.

Deeply familiar with high-level content marketing strategies, effective digital marketing tools, and data analytics. Possesses an extensive understanding of the complex and quickly growing PC hardware and gaming space.

Leo has also been working in video game and tech journalism for years, and is deeply drawn to video games as a narrative and visual art form. He has spent years reviewing, analyzing, and tracking the artistic achievements of this unique art form, and has developed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the history and impact that games have had on our culture. His articles, scripts, and professional projects have amassed millions of views.

He also has a great deal of experience reviewing and covering PC hardware and tech, and has a thorough understanding and love of computers. Technology allows us to experience art the way it was meant to be experienced, and that intersection is fascinating and absolutely worth exploring.

Leo also has an extensive portfolio of creative writing projects, including novels, scripts, short stories, and a variety of other works. In addition, he also has a background in voice over work, both professional and creative.

Leo currently resides and works in Oregon, and is always interested in collaborating on interesting projects.

Contact Leo via LinkedIn, or email me at lparrill (@) leoparrill (dot) com.

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