Content marketing isn’t one thing, it’s a spectrum. 

Highly-targeted educational pieces can be immensely impactful, but a more opinion-based format can be equally engaging.

Thoughtfully articulated and well-informed opinions are exceptionally convincing and reviews are a great example of this strategy in action. Whether the product is a solid state drive or the latest AAA video game release, almost everyone reads a review or two before purchasing.

Video games and PC hardware are a significant part of my life, and being able to write about these topics has been a professional highlight that I continue to enjoy exploring.

Here are a few examples of my work, though I’m always looking for additional opportunities. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn, or at lparrill (@) leoparrill (dot) com for additional info.

Thanks for reading! 

Game Journalism

“Why are these not live links?” you might be wondering. Great question!

These pieces were originally published on GameCrate, a gaming website with a long legacy of unique and interesting stories from the world of gaming and PC hardware. Unfortunately, as with many gaming sites that weren’t at the top of the pile or didn’t resort to aggressive content farm ad strategies, it was absorbed by a large corporation in early 2021, redirected for leftover traffic, and quietly removed from the internet with little warning.

Fortunately, I was able to quickly preserve some of the pages. The formatting is awkward due to how quickly the preservation efforts were undertaken, and the PDFs are compressed to reduce file size.

Here’s what GameCrate looked like in early 2021 via Wayback Machine if you’re curious.

Feel free to reach out for more examples.

PC Hardware Writing

Read more of my hardware journalism here.