Writing is rewarding. It’s scary, and thrilling, and unbelievably challenging, but more than anything, it’s rewarding.

There’s always more in the works, but here are a few recent projects you can find on the ol’ internet.

Feel free to reach out via lparrill (@) leoparrill (dot) com for more info, and thank you for reading!


Words For Autumn

Words For Autumn is an online magazine with a focus on poetry and photography.

It’s open to contribution, and is steadily growing.


After Decades is a short book you can read for free.

“After Decades is a love story, but it follows what happens after a great love blooms. After the happily ever after, after the sun sets and rises on the twilight of their years.

The story follows Harold and Lillian, a couple in their seventies, as they come to face a traumatic, life altering event. It weaves between the past and the present, and shows how they got to where they are, and what comes next.”

The Fallen Ones

The Fallen Ones is a full-length fantasy novel.

“In a world where Gods walk among their people, no one is safe and everyone has secrets.

Kalen Hordstrom is on a mission, alone in the snows of the Northern Expanse. When a beautiful, powerful woman stumbles into his life, everything changes. The days that follow alter the course of their lives, and their world will never be the same.

The Fallen Ones is a fast-paced, action-packed story of new friendship and shaken faith set in a unique fantasy universe unlike any other.”